Model View Presenter (MVP) in Android, Part 1

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  1. Gopalan R C says:

    Good article. Eagerly waiting to read the next article.

  2. mr_dsw says:

    thank you

  3. vhsoni says:

    Good article. Waiting for the MVP implementation.

  4. Esmores says:

    Great article and love the diagrams. Hoping to adopt this into my projects.

  5. youngchan says:

    it’s very good article.
    can i tanslate your post to korean in my blog?

  6. Ted says:

    Hello TINMEGALI, Thank you for your nice article.
    i have translated part 1 in my blog.
    this is the link:

  7. DanV says:

    Can you please add testing for the MainActivity and the GenericMVPActivity?

    Thank you!

    • says:

      Hey DanV. I’m writing a new article about testing. I’ll talk about all kinds of tests, including Activity tests. It will be published this weekend. best regards

  8. youngchan says:

    Translated to Korean.

    link :
    Thank you.

  9. Chris says:

    Nice article.

    You can also check this out AndroidMvc/Mvp framework

    Also check out the MVP sample here

  10. There are many implementations of MVP, but not all of them designate Activities and Fragments as views. I personally believe, that Activities and Fragments should not contain UI logic at all.
    My thoughts on the subject are described in this post:
    Alternative implementation of MVP, where Activities and Fragments are presenters, is described here:

  11. kivee says:

    Finally something worth reading. Thanks

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